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2EROS, one of our favorite brands, has just released their first activewear collection. It’s called BLK AKTIV and boy is it sexy. Buy 2 or more items by OCT 14th and save 10% with the discount code BLK10. Then send us some photos of you working out in your gear!


Bum-Chums is a relatively new Men’s Underwear Brand, probably best known for their unique designs of underwear, choice of fabrics and possibly most of all for their “Tongue in Cheek” sense of humour that the British seem to think they’ve patented! This simply isn’t the case, and Bum-Chums cheeky, sometimes camp and borderline outrageous humour does indeed translate the world over as the brand continues to strive towards their “mission to rid the world of dull, dreary, sad and saggy men’s underwear” so their site says. We caught up with


Continuing the launch of Modus Vivendi’s new autumn/winter 2015/16 collection is the release of a new, upbeat line of men’s underwear and sportswear: Candy! Made of the finest Italian velvet, Modus Vivendi’s new line is stylish and fun, confident and spirited. Using three vibrant colours, fuchsia, turquoise and warm yellow, Modus Vivendi sets the trend for this autumn’s menswear, with uplifting tones and versatile designs that you can wear at the gym, at home, or even as funky streetwear. Underwear comes in three simple styles: briefs, backless briefs and jocks.

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