Just arrived and exclusive in North America to Jockstrap Central it’s fetish gear designer Maskulo. We’re launching with a down and dirty range of fitted Lycra shorts with optional exposed ass and optional leather look armored padding, each with an awe inspiring bulge creating cod piece that’s removable for when your dick is called into action. Makes for the perfect Pride or fetish fair outfit that is sure to get heads turning. All three versions have Maskulo’s signature black padded detachable formed cod piece giving you one massive bulge no


The new LOCKER JOCKSTRAP is made out of high quality Polyester and Nylon material with 2 way stretch for fit, comfort and recovery. The new and updated look of your classic “Jockstrap” is sure to win you over. With an ultra sharp looking full 3 inch wide waistband is built for rough plays in and out of the bedroom. The white rectangular care label is on the outside front and center with the make-a-statement CellBlock13 logo, the size and care instructions displayed for all to see. Finally, solid one inch


Do you wear singlets? Are they a thing or are designers just trying to make them a thing? We want to know what you all think! If you wear them what brands do you like? Pictured above are the following: N2N – Ultra Skin Singlet $44 – BUY NOW American Jock – Endurance Singlet $48.50 – BUY NOW Pistol Pete – Challenger Singlet $58.50 – BUY NOW


In keeping with their Spring 2015 Altered States collection, Nasty Pig wanted to present a new spin on their name. They honed in on this digital font and created a futuristic jock and brief in two great colors. Get them for the summer and wear them all year round. It is completely different from everything else in your underwear collection from Nasty Pig.

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