Garcon Model makes some of the sexiest fun color undies on the market… There’s always new hot pictures of guys wearing their products. What do you think of these studs in them?


I’ve never really worn underwear under my swimwear. It kind of drives me nuts when it gets all wet. But I’m curious, how many of you wear underwear under your trunks? Do you do it so people can’t see your junk as easily? What’s the point?


Hello! My name’s Grant and I’m a 23 year old recent college grad living in the Midwest. I’m super excited to start contributing to Undie Fan and talk about all things underwear. To get the ball rolling, I’ve got a review of a great jock that I recently got from HisJock – this is my first official review of a product, so go easy on me! As a relatively new consumer of designer underwear products, there are still a lot of brands I have yet try (or even realize exist). Curbwear

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