Forget battling the lines for a deal – shop online! Jockstrap Central is having their biggest sale ever and it’s starting early. From Wednesday at noon right until noon on Saturday, November 28th everything store wide is 15% to 70% off and not just jockstraps. They also carry jock briefs, underwear, gym and fetish shorts, lounge pants, wrestling singlets, erotic wear, tanks, and even socks.

The best thing is you don’t have to be in the United States to take advantage of this shopping tradition, they ship worldwide (and discreetly)!


This sale is simple – no discount codes to remember, simply visit Jockstrap Central and you’ll find all their gear listed with it’s original price crossed off and the sale price listed.

Everything is on sale but here are just some of the highlights: Their entire PUMP! collection of jockstraps and underwear is now 30% off. Their ridiculously hot and exclusive Maskulo collection of fetish shorts and wrestling singlets with their open backs and removable pouches are now 20% off. Speaking of fetish, all their Cellblock 13 gear is 20% off including the awesome Ambush jocks, shorts and singlets with their easy access front and back zippers. Their entire collection of Nasty Pig jocks, underwear and socks is 15% off with the exception of their Nasty Pig Swimwear (limited quantities) which are now 60% off. American Jock Tank Tops are 50% off. Good Devil, DT, Junk and Todd Sanfield are 70% off. Their exclusive Raw Studio collection of sexy jockstraps, display suits, strapless pouches, and accessories are 15% off with the exception of their sexy Polka Mesh Jocks which are now 40% off.

Also, if you’re looking for no nonsense jockstraps, Bike, Activeman, Flarico, Wolf and Omtex are now all 20% off, Jack Adams with their classic jock inspired Athletic Jocks, Old School Jocks and 70s retro styled mesh gym short are 20% off and exhibitionist friendly UK imported Sukrew jockstraps and underwear are now 20% off. There are too many incredible deals to mention here so just head to their website to check them all out.

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