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TOP 10 Mensuas

These are the Mensuas’s top-wear products!


1⃣ Daniel Alexander DA800 G-String Black 2⃣ Daniel Alexander DAL016 Micro G-String Black 
3⃣ Kyle KLK003 Thong Red/Black 4⃣ Secret Male SMI006 Slip Bikini Black
5⃣ Daniel Alexander DA780 Thong Navy 6⃣ Daniel Alexander DAK029 Micro Thong Black
7⃣ Hung HGL002 Micro G-string White 8⃣ Agacio AGK006 Micro Thong Black
9⃣ Cover Male CMI022 Bikini Navy 🔟 Daniel Alexander DA771 Protrude Pouch Thong Black
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Lacey and racey undies that will make you exude confidence.

Brand Spotlight: Secret Male

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Do you wanna keep a secret with Secret Male Underwear?

Lemme share a secret with you – men love to wear panties. Whether it is their girl’s thongs or the lacy briefs that bought from the store the other day, it gives them the pleasure to slip into something so comfortable and delicate that they would want to slip into it time and over again. Keeping this in mind, Secret Male Underwear was introduced in the men’s underwear industry with the aim of providing such options for men as well. Hence, in no time the collection of men’s panties was made available and now men have all the options to be happy about.

Secret Male UnderwearSecret Male Underwear provides products that not only pamper the below the belt region, there are those which give you the feeling of how bras feel on the chest. Hence, you won’t only find underwear, but there are products which are called as men’s bras or men’s tops to seductify the entire feeling. Now, you have the freedom of being in your skin and experience how luxurious it is to have comfortable fabrics on the inside.

Secret Male UnderwearKeeping it a secret that is seldom shared, you can keep your intimate area comfortable on a regular basis with the fabric and designs that aim at providing what you look for in your woman’s unmentionables. With the lace fabric or the smooth shiny one falling softly on the delicate skin, it is the delicate designs that add to the femininity of the pieces.

Secret Male TopsYou can now look up to a bedroom session that would allow your partner to reveal you bit by bit with more than just the underwear comes off. You would be able to indulge in the foreplay letting your passion fill the moment properly. From styles including men’s bikinis, now the brand also offers thongs and g-strings to build up the craving.

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